Inspiration to boost your 2016!

2016 has started, and I am excited to bring you a lot of new blog posts with lots of inspiration again! Blogs about city travels, travel tips, city life, history and art, and much more! However, sometimes you are ready to start the new year with fresh motivation and a healthy dose of inspiration, sometimes you already lack it in the first week of January! Therefore I thought, lets start this year with a blog for you in which I share two of the blogs I read which inspire me, and give me motivation and inspiration to continue at times I need it.

Inspirational blogs
The first blog I read often is called The Daily Positive. This blog is filled with lots of inspirational blog posts with subjects varying from “5 reasons travel makes you a better person” till “how to become a millionaire by 30”.
The other blog I read often is called Career Girl Daily, and in this blog you can find all kind of articles interesting when you are a ‘career girl’ but also when you are not, and when you just like to read a blog which contains as well fashion blog posts as career advice blog posts and inspirational blog posts! Subjects for example are “five financial goals every 20-something should have” and “why you need to set positive morning rituals and how to do it”.

Go go go!
Like with all new ideas you might have for this new year: they stay ideas until you put them into practice. So therefore I would like to encourage you to start taking action! Two years ago, in January 2014 this blog was one of my ideas, written on a paper, and I started working it out, and 3 months later I launched my blog! I wish you an inspiring 2016!



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