SAIL Amsterdam

sail tall shipSail? What is it?
SAIL Amsterdam is an event which is organized every five years in this city. It really is a feast of ships! You can visit SAIL for free to watch the large collection of Tall ships, historical ships and marine ships. Of course there is much more to experience! For example concerts, fireworks, film, etcetera…
IMG_20150822_170549Wait, can I still visit?
SAIL is actually happening now! So if you are in the neighbourhood, travel quickly to Amsterdam Central Station, and follow the signs to IJhaven where SAIL is happening (approx. 15 minute walk). Tomorrow, August 23, is the last day of SAIL of this edition. Also this last day is filled with lots of activities, but of course, mostly you will have a great time watching the ships sailing by! If you are not in the neighbourhood, no worries, the first steps for organizing Sail over 5 years are already taken… and also sooner there will happen an event here in the Netherlands regarding ships and harbours! Will you be visiting NL in September? Then stay tuned, or already learn more by clicking here!
IMG_20150822_170024More information
For all information about SAIL you can visit the website of the event. Make sure you will visit this unique experience if you are able to do so, or during the next time when you will be visiting The Netherlands!

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